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ColorCode Music introduces a twenty-first century, computer-interactive musical language/instructor that was originally designed to simplify the process of identifying and locating notes for guitar. ColorCode is in the process of applying its unique visual/audio teaching concept to all other musical instruments, for faster learning and easier understanding of the complex logic of music.

ColorCode is a new universal musical language composed of colors and codes, so easy to learn that a five year old can learn to read music within minutes. A new, easier version of the software for preschoolers is in the process of development.

This concept has taken more than ten years of development, resulting in a most advanced learning tool for beginners and pros. This is a must-have reference library for all serious musicians.

ColorCode Music is presenting the following products:

CMX Guitar System

CMX Guitar System is a visual map based on colors and symbols in a matrix format that makes learning guitar easy and interesting. CMX Signature Series is now available in three different materials and four sizes, highly recommended for all classrooms.

ColorCode software is a direct downloadable PC-based intelligent software program with an extensive menu. It is capable of accelerating the learning curve by familiarizing the user with the landscape of the fretboard.

Guitar 1

Guitar 1 is capable of providing an infinite number of practice variations. For example, for a small, hundred-note practice piece, the software is capable of generating 78 to the power of 100 variations. This means it would require one hundred billion people to practice around the clock for close to seven hundred billion years before Guitar 1 would finish all its variations. The above library is only a portion of Guitar 1’s teaching capability. This software processes ColorCode and classical notation in motion, along with an audio file.

Artificial Intelligent System

Guitar 1 operates on ColorCode’s Artificial Intelligent System.

Guitar 2

Guitar 2 is primarily designed as a complete electronic chord library. This software, like Guitar 1, is equipped with audio files in real time, which allows the user to hear the exact audio characteristic of their work. Guitar 2 is also equipped with a modulation panel for composing, capable of either accepting input or providing possible solutions.


ColorCode guitars are the only product in the market constructed with a horizontal version of the CMX format embedded in the upper portion of the guitar's neck for quick reference. An electronic version of this technology is revolutionizing MIDI (Musical Instrument Digital Interface) for guitars.

ColorCode, as a new computer-based musical language, is a major technological break-through for publishing and dispatching musical transcription in a digital code system thousands of times faster than any current technology. The advantage of an audio file embedded with every note makes ColorCode’s technology superior in the industry.

ColorCode Music’s CMX guitar can be ordered online. This technology is also being offered for licensing to all guitar manufacturers. ColorCode’s notation structure is available for sheet music publishers.


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